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September 1, 2017

Finding affordable work-space in Manhattan can be a challenge for ​todays growing entrepreneur. Renting conventional space can bring with it the additional challenges of requiring a long term commitment, and a heavy upfront expenditure. Furthermore once rented most conventional office spaces are inflexible space-wise leaving today’s entrepreneurs with an obstacle to growing their team and unnecessary expenses when scaling down.

At Executive offices of New York we offer solutions to these problems. Our most affordable solution comes in a virtual office package. Our virtual office plans provide our clients with our recognizable midtown Manhattan mailing address, access to meeting rooms , as well as phone answering service, and are sure to fit into any entrepreneur’s budget.

Need a full time office space.

Our office suites located a few steps away from Penn Station have the added benefits of being rent-able short term, and fully furnished, thus allowing startups with uncertain futures to avoid the risks associated with making a long term commitment when renting conventional corporate office space. Our full time office space comes with the additional features of a dedicated staff , meeting room space , and events all aimed at pushing your business forward.

About Us

We are a joint office space located at 469 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, we offer full time office space, meeting room rentals, and virtual office packages so you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us. All EONY offices come furnished, elegantly designed, fully wired, and equipped with amenities. We offer our office solutions and services to businesses ranging from sole practitioners to established corporations and everything in between. You can bet on EONY to thrive with our customizable executive office solutions.