Full Time Offices in Midtown Manhattan

Executive Offices of New York provides top-of-the-line Manhattan office space complete with everything you’ll need. When you rent full-time office space from EONY, you’ll get high-end furnishings, fast internet, a full-time management staff, and much more—with all the flexibility that a temporary office space can offer.

Full Time Midtown Offices NYCFull Time Midtown Offices NYC

Benefits of Our New York Office Suites

Flexible, Cost-Effective Contracts

Find an office to match your needs. Our furnished executive office spaces are available in a variety of configurations, from single-person executive suites to large, multi-person team rooms for 10 or more people. Plus, our flexible term contracts allow you to sign for as little as one month or up to one year.

Conference Room Hours Included!

EONY meeting rooms and conference rooms are fully furnished and equipped with the technology you need to execute your meetings with productivity and style. We offer 6 hours of conference room time per company, or 8 hours if you rent an additional office space. For your convenience, conference room spaces are easy to book on our website EONY.com.

Full-Time Management Staff

EONY’s staff is on-site and always available to accommodate your specific business requirements, allowing you to devote more attention to your business. We’ll welcome your clients and handle all of your back-office requirements, such as taking calls,handling the mail, cleaning up, making the coffee, and more!

Environments Designed for Productivity

Your work atmosphere and environment play a big role in your day-to-day productivity. Our NYC office spaces are designed to ensure and enhance your ability to concentrate, collaborate, and work effectively. Everything from our lighting to our furniture is designed with your comfort and productivity in mind.

Conveniently Located in Midtown Manhattan

Our 16-story property has plenty of space to offer and is conveniently located at 469 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan’s Fashion District. It’s close to Penn Station, so it is easily accessible. There are plenty of restaurants and stores within walking distance of EONY’s full time office space, so you’ll always have a place to grab a bite.

Day Offices and Virtual Offices

Don’t need a dedicated, full-time office for your business? Check out our EONY Day Offices and Virtual Offices if you are looking for a NYC coworking space or shared office space. You’ll gain access to many of our Manhattan office amenities at an affordable cost.

Contact Us Today!

The EONY staff is on site from 9:00-5:30 Monday through Friday. Give us a call today to rent the office space you've been looking for!

Office Pricing

1 to 3 persons
from $750/ mo
4 to 5 persons
from $1,500/ mo
6 to 7 persons
from $3,000/ mo
8 to 9 persons
from $4,400/ mo
10+ persons
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