Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for your Small Business

August 20, 2018

Start-ups and small companies that do not have enough money to pay for expensive advertisements on mainstream media like the big companies must develop low-cost marketing strategies that keep the business on the same level in the market with competitors. All you need to do is to tailor ideas to your business and the industry. Here are some ideas on how to build relationships, engage customers and keep your business in the ears and eyes of your customers.

Become a Vocal Spokesperson for your Industry

You probably have enough knowledge about the industry you operate in and can use that knowledge to get the name of your business on the top. Whenever you come across news on anything about your industry, call the respective media houses to give your opinion on the same issue. For example, if you are in the fashion industry and there is a fashion week event scheduled to happen in the next two one month, you can contact journalists who cover fashion to present your expectations of the fashion week. You can also offer free quotes to media houses about your industry and proactively respond to any hot topics related to your industry. Furthermore, you can position yourself as the controversial business owner in your industry by questioning what other businesses seem to endorse. There is a traditional notion that oddity makes news and when you tactfully go against the tide of your industry in the media, you are likely to get more attention and get your small business noticed by several people. Apart from that, you can become an active participant in industry groups forums such as LinkedIn. Once you are identified as a vocal spokesperson for a specific industry, chances are high you will start receiving requests to speak at conferences all of which build your credibility and that of your company.

Enter Business Award competitions or Create yours

Winning a small business ward comes with free publicity and earns your company the credibility it requires to compete efficiently in the market. Awards are often available in almost every category meaning that your business cannot miss an award for which it is suitable. Small business awards are worth your attention and time because most of them are free to enter and if you win, you will speak about that accolade on social media, and all other marketing materials to enhance the reputation of your business. Moreover, most of those award programmes present winners with badges that are eye-catching, which you can use to boost your business’s homepage. Additionally winning an award is likely to give you and your business some press coverage. You do not have to win to benefit from business award competitions, the mere completion of award applications helps you identify your successes which you can highlight on your website and social media platforms to help you win new clients. You can also create your own unique business award competition. As a host, you have high chances of gaining free media publicity.

Organize Events in your Working Space

If you operate from a co-work space, you can take advantage of being around people with different talents and most probably whose connections extend far and wide. To know your coworkers better and get into their networks, organize fun events that bring people together. You can invite notable personalities in your city to speak about issues relating to life, health and work which most of your coworkers are likely to benefit from. These events are suitable for after work hours where you can ask your coworkers to invite some of their friends and business affiliates to participate. As the initiator and organizer of such events, visitors are likely to leave the event with your name and that of your business in mind. Often take advantage of such events to throw lines that market your products and services.

Plan Workshops or Webinars

Workshops and webinars help you interact with your customers and reach out to your prospects. You can also use them to demonstrate services or products, showcase your expertise or expand on content published on the web. Workshops can take place in your office, or you can consider hiring a conference or meeting room like the ones we offer and design useful information that you think might be useful to the target audience. For example, if you are a financial auditor, you can organize a workshop for business owners on how they can efficiently streamline their taxes and keep their finances in order. There is so much knowledge you can offer via webinars and workshops and get the opportunity to connect with a broader audience, as well as promote your business. Marketing webinars, for instance, should provide valuable information to participants in the hope that they will see the need to use specific products and services that your company offers.

Make Maximum and Effective use of Social Media

Small business owners tend to assume that the social media platforms they love spending most of their time are also where their customers spend much of their time. Figure out where your ideal customers are spending much of their time and learn how to use that platform to reach them. It is easier to reach potential customers where they like hanging out than have them join you on your favorite platform. It is also not advisable to sign up for all the social media channels since your content is likely to perform poorly. Instead, identify the social media platforms that have a higher potential of connecting you with your customers and build your marketing content on them.
The type of content you post on social media can either attract or repel your target audience depending on how you have packaged them. Do not exclusively post promotional materials but blend them with some entertainment stuff. Apart from that, use lots of images since studies have shown that social media engagement increases when high-quality visuals are included in the content. Moreover, you can explicitly use YouTube to increase your popularity and that of your company. Just like webinars, posting instructional videos related to the business you are doing can result in increased sales.
Advertise on your Car and Clothes
You can turn your car into a mobile billboard and be sure of reaching hundreds or thousands of people with the marketing message each day. The car wrap ought to be brightly colored for the signal to stand out from the others. Besides, the vinyl wraps help protect the body of your vehicle from small dents and scratches. And you can also remove the vinyl wraps without damaging the cars paint whenever you want to remain low-key on a trip. You can even wear T-Shirts printed your company’s logo or website information when running errands across the streets. Your attire just like the car will serve as a mobile billboard and probably get some customers to know about your products or business.

Use Word of Mouth

The word of mouth method of marketing is not too old to get your small business the desired results. Strike up conversations with people in almost all the places including the grocery store and the gym. Once you ask someone about his or herself, he or she will be encouraged to ask about you, and there you have the chance to market your business. Ensure that you hand them your business card and keep in touch after that first meeting.

Become Part of Charitable Organizations

By partnering with charitable organizations to help the population in need, you are likely to get free marketing. Furthermore, people like to buy from companies they consider to be socially responsible. You can also partner with other small businesses for brand awareness. By promoting each other, more and more people become familiar with your brands and more will start buying from your company.


Free trials or samples have the potential of making your customers want to purchase more. The current tough economic times have pushed people to seek purchase for things they are comfortable using, and that comfort can best be achieved when they have experienced the product. The same applies to free consultations which help to showcase your expertise and in the long run gets you more clients.

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