How Serviced Office Spaces Benefit Small Businesses

October 13, 2017

Serviced offices are becoming more and more attractive to small business owners especially those operating in U.S main cities such as New York, Kansas, Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas among many others. One can easily access prestigious rental serviced office spaces like the ones we offer in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Furthermore, serviced office spaces located in trendy and upmarket areas provide start-ups and small companies the chance to raise their corporate image and profile quickly. Here are more reasons why you should only go for the serviced office spaces.

The Ease of Starting a Business

There are no delays in accessing a serviced office because the process of renting one is straightforward and short and does not require you to provide personal or bank guarantees as it is with the leases of traditional office spaces. Serviced office spaces save you the time and money for purchasing and fixing things like internet connection points, staff relaxation area, and the kitchen facilities among others. Providers of serviced office spaces make the rooms ready for operations by making all the necessary arrangements, including the provision of IT and communications services, cleaning services and on-site security. Other facilities found in corporate serviced offices include meeting rooms, conference rooms, furniture, Insurance, air-conditioning, and heating. That makes it easier for a small business owner to simply pay, move in, start operations and focus on growing the business.

Trained Staff and Top-quality Equipment

Serviced office providers know that business efficiency is achieved through the use of high-quality equipment and competent professionals. They are also aware that office equipment should enhance the successful completion of tasks or projects. That is why the operators endeavor to provide their clients with the most efficient technology and have them served with highly trained staff. Serviced offices have employees who provide office services such as reception, secretarial, cleaning and building maintenance, which enable the smooth running of your workspace. That saves you the time you would spend on recruiting staff and managing them leaving you with more time to strategize and grow your business. You can take all the time away on business trips without worrying about the management of your office. Furthermore, since office equipment needs vary depending on the nature of a business, serviced office plans gives small business owners the liberty to choose equipment and setting that best suits their businesses. Other than enjoying the use of high-quality equipment and top skilled personnel, serviced office spaces reduces the overheads that amount from employing full-time staff or purchasing equipment.


Flexibility is perhaps the most valuable aspect of serviced office spaces. Flexibility exists in three aspects; tenure, growth, and payment. The flexibility of tenure means that you can rent a serviced office for as short a period as one month or a longer period extending to one year. Furthermore, some serviced offices can be rented for weeks or days, and you can renew the lease based on how convenient it is for your business.

Growth flexibility refers to the possibility to upsize when your business expands. The various serviced office space plans have the provision to accommodate few or many workers. The growth flexibility is especially convenient for startup businesses or small companies that are experiencing rapid growth. Besides, if moving out of your current workspace to another is the most practical step to take, you can do it by just giving the office operator a one month notice. Compared to traditional office spaces which bind businesses to a fixed term of three to five years, the serviced office spaces present small business owners with the freedom to operate in areas suitable for their current business requirements. If your business grows, you rent a larger serviced space and when the business goes down, you similarly look for a smaller space. That means, the risk of interfering with business continuity or losing your market share while shifting location is lowered by the availability of serviced offices.

While standard office tenants pay rent on a quarterly basis, the serviced office spaces can be rented on a monthly, weekly and sometimes daily basis. What is more attractive with the serviced office payment flexibility is that the rent also caters for other services including electricity, insurance, water, internet and telephone. That is the value that comes with the high monthly rental rates of serviced offices. Still, in the event that you need more personnel or facilities, you can hire the additional services on a pay as you use basis. For instance, you can hire a meeting room for hours when you need to have a meeting with important clients. Therefore your business only spends money on staff and facilities that are actually in use and saves you from fixed costs on things or people that are not useful all the time.

Business Networking Opportunity

Serviced office spaces accommodate several small businesses and provide the owners with the opportunity to network and benefit from the assistance of others. Networking is especially useful for startups because it makes you and your business known. The shared serviced office spaces expose you and your company to many people. The chances are high that such people may recommend your services or products to other people in their networks. Besides, networking with other small business owners in related fields can lead to the expansion of business through partnerships and mergers. In the modern world, serviced office spaces are not only rented by start-ups and small businesses, but also used by divisions of national and multinational companies. That makes it possible to tap in expertise and advice from professionals you would have never had the chance to meet and engage in discussions.

Ability to Test Markets

The flexibility of serviced office allows a small business owner to test different markets without getting into long-term investments. Split testing is the quickest and easiest way of establishing if your product or services will succeed in a specific market. For instance, if your business is expanding, you can rent serviced offices in different locations to test the markets and move out from unfavorable areas as soon as you realize the business won’t flourish in the location. Therefore you can experiment with as many locations as you can afford and the costs will be lower compared to using traditional office spaces.

Chance to Hold Events and Meetings in the Same Building

Serviced office spaces include event facilities and meeting rooms within the same building that makes it easier to hold events. There are different designs and spaces where big events like product launch can be held. Some of the meeting rooms are sizable enough to accommodate few employees on a brainstorming session. What’s more is that the meeting rooms and event facilities can be booked on a per-hour, full day or half day basis. This saves you the hustle of calling several hotels to book conference rooms and traveling to different locations for conferences.

Secured Workspace

Most small business owners understand the importance of workplace security. You can save on the cost of hiring security guards and installing security gadgets in an office by renting a serviced office that has security measures in place. Serviced office operators install intruder monitoring devices and CCTV that enhance the safety of your office. Working in an office with heightened security provides you and your employees with the feeling of being safe while executing daily tasks. Furthermore, companies have confidential documents which require safe keeping and handling, and a serviced workspace does provide secure cabinets where the files can lie safely.

No Maintenance Worries or Costs

Not worrying about maintenance is one of the plus sides of renting a serviced office. The service office operators have people in place to fix technical issues that may slow down business productivity. If the printer or photocopy machine breaks down, someone else takes up the responsibility and cost of repairing or making a replacement. In point of fact, if you are currently operating in a traditional office space and most of the equipment needs replacement, consider moving into a serviced office.

Before you dismiss the idea of using a serviced office based on the high monthly rental fee, review the benefits and you will realize that renting a serviced office is a good deal.