5 Hidden Benefits of Having an Office Space.

December 1, 2016

The benefits of renting an office go a long way further than a consumer perception. Here are
5 hidden benefits of renting.

1. Less Distractions

Working in an office means separating office work from housework. It also means freeing yourself from the TV, fridge, kids, pets, etc. Which may distract you from getting work done. Furthermore having, a set place to work away from home enables your brain to associate the office with getting work done.

2. Boost Company Pride

Stepping into an office carries with it a professional identity. Its nice to be able to say “I work here”. Furthermore, having an office can bring a sense of unity and purpose to your team.

3. Better Communication

We can be connected from anywhere. However companies that engage in direct face to face communications reap the rewards. Studies show that the majority of communication is nonverbal. Leaving the rest to body language. As a result of in person communication coworkers may find themselves feeling more motivated to engage and more accountable for their actions.

4. Helps Balance Work & Life

Working in an office can make it easier to keep a set schedule. Whats more separating your work/life routines will make it easy to determine how much time you spend doing what.

5. More Motivation

Working in an office environment usually means working around colleagues who can help motivate you with their presence. Furthermore having colleagues around means you can bounce ideas off each other and capitalize on new networking opportunities.