Our Response to COVID-19

Dear members:

As you know we have continuously been open and have never shut down. The front desk is staffed and operational. All your mail has been organized and some have been forwarded as per your requests. To ensure our tenants and staff remain healthy below is a list of items and course of actions we are implementing.

1.  We have installed disinfecting UV lights in our central HVAC system. In doing so we are effectively disinfecting the air with powerful UV lights (around the clock) which has been proven to be extremely effective. This is a hospital grade disinfecting system.  

2. We have undertaken a deep cleaning of the entire premises, and disinfecting of all touchable areas. We are also disinfecting during the day. Our goal is once every hour.  

3. We are installing hand sanitizing gel pumps (hospital grade) in a few key locations around the facility.  

4. In addition to UV lights in the HVAC system, we are installing air filtrating purifying machines in the reception, kitchenand lounge areas as well as the conference rooms.

5. Social Distancing and Masks- In an effort to stay in accordance with the NY State guidelines and for everyone’s safety, we ask that everyone please wear a mask and maintain a six-foot distance from one another in all of our common areas. If you or your visitors don’t have access to masks please let us know and we would be happy to provide you with some. We will be placing reminders throughout the space.  

If anyone has a recommendation please email us and we will gladly consider implementing it. We are very much looking forward to getting back to normal soon.